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Fitness Center

Fitness LogoThe Fitness and Sports contributes to readiness and improves productivity though programs promoting fitness, esprit de corp, and quality of life for all Minot personnel.

The McAdoo Fitness Center has achieved the highest standard in Operations, Programs, Training, Facilities, and Customer Service.

The McAdoo Sports and Fitness Center offers a wide range of activities for both the fitness enthusiast as well as the recreational user.

Fitness Assessment Cell

Fitness Assessment Cell

Fitness Center and HAWC
partners to bring you

Back to the Core Clinic
1st Wednesday Every Month

Better Body, Better Life

Efficient Running Clinic
1st Tuesday Every Month

Monthly Group Fitness Calendar

Group Exercise Class Schedule

More Information

Jiu Jitsu
Tuesdays and Thursdays

Personal Trainer
Nicole Gross

Indoor Track Layout

Age Restrictions

Daily Use Lockers

Services and Features

  • Cardio Room offering ellipticals, cross trainers, waves, steppers as well as traditional cycles
  • 32 Selectorized Weight Machines
  • Free Weight Room
  • Family Workout Room offers a place for parents to be able to work out while still being able to monitor their toddlers and has many of the same pieces of equipment as the Cardio Room.
  • Three Racquetball Courts
  • Three Full Court Basketball Courts
  • Variety of Free Group Fitness Classes
  • Intramural/ Extramural Sports including basketball, soccer, volleyball, flag football, softball, bowling, darts and many more
  • Variety of self paced Incentive Programs with the opportunity to win prizes, sign up at the front desk